The Name:

We called it the Puck Lite because it is about the size of two Hockey pucks

stacked together. The Puck Lite is compact and easy to travel. 


All in one LED Light and soft box with diffusion.

PUCK LITE is a High CRI 90. Warm White 3000K (CCT). 3000 Lumens NO UV. NO mercury . True White series of LED. Convection cooled no fans

Size: LED Source 87.2 mm (3.4") diameter. Height 70 mm (2.75").

Connector for Soft Box: 6" X 6" X 1/2" 


Weight: Lamphead alone. 2.8lbs  1.27Kg  Total weight including cable power supply: 3.25 lbs. 1.47kg​

​Power input: 120-277 VAC 50/60Hz Soft Box size: 12x16x9" / 30x41x23cm

Hockey Pucks


​​​​​​​PUCK LITE is a small compact LED light that accepts a soft box quickly because the mounts for the soft box remain on the PUCK LITE. Setup is faster since the connectors are part of the light. Unlike standard LED panels, PUCK LITE has a large single lens, making it easy to look at without multiple LED point sources. A Soft Box is included with the PUCK LITE.  It creates a wide spread light source or a controlled soft light. High CRI with a single lens. Unlike many LED fixtures that create a hot spot in diffusion, PUCK LITE fills the diffusion surface of the Soft Box. Convection cooled silent no fans. Can be dimmed

Made in USA

This LED source provides a light that looks like a standard photographic soft box fixture not a panel of multi led lights.


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